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Brand: GRETA Prothelis

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160,00 лв.

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Designed and manufactured in Germany!

PROTHELIS GRETA finds everything and everyone - even the needle in a haystack. The universal positioning and safety system - designed and engineered in Germany - is a reliable companion for people with special needs, such as children, the elderly, extreme athletes and anyone who appreciates additional security. It is suitable for locating pets and farm animals and for securing items of any kind, such as suitcases.

GRETA is made of solid thermoplastic material so it is strong and well insulated!

The housing is made of highly resistant, shockproof and acid resistant plastic!

GRETA Applications:

 Greta - GPS-Tracker für Hunde


• Detection of pets and farm animals
• Reliable support for children at school
• Vehicle tracking
• Securing bags and suitcases and travel bags
• For outdoor and extreme sports

Commissioning - It's so easy:

As soon as the tracker is attached with the flexible cuff attached to the dog collar, the application will reliably inform you of your dog's location. The prothelis free app for iPhone, Android and Web is the corresponding tool on the GRETA tracking device.

With Smart geofences, the app allows users to isolate individual territories. When leaving or reaching the fenced area, it sends messages to the prothelis application for alarms.


Registered and patented technology made in Germany

 GPS Tracker im DetailTechnik des GPS-Trackers



Highest positioning accuracy
In practice, GRETA achieves a positioning accuracy of 3 meters or better.

PROTHELIS GRETA is working in 153 countries
With a built-in SIM card, you can find GRETA anywhere in the world.

3 Navigation systems
GPS and GLONASS, GSM location.

IP 67
GRETA is waterproof and completely protected from dust and water

Induction charge
wireless charging.

Temperature warning
You will be automatically alerted if the temperature set in the application is exceeded

Speed ​​Warning
If the tracking device exceeds the speed set in the application, you will be warned.

LED light
The LED that supports the application helps GRETA in the dark.

Energy management
Consumption decreases when GRETA is not moving. Battery life in average active use is up to 5 days and standby time up to 24 days.


Monthly subscription fee

The service charge covers the price of the mobile network and the 24-hour notification service. When you activate your tracker, this is necessary for proper operation. The term of the contract is chosen flexibly and is executed automatically without termination after the end of the term. At the end of the deadline, you can opt-out of the same or another payment model at any time. GRETA can communicate with you in over 150 countries at any time. This service is prepaid - you have no contractual obligations. The service fee starts at just € 3.79 per month.

you can choose one of the following packages:

• Monthly payment - € 4.99 per month
• 6 months in advance - 4,59 € per month
• 12 months in advance - € 4.19 per month
• 24 months in advance - € 3.79 per month

The monthly packages are without binding contracts.

The service package includes the global use of GRETA. In over 153 countries!

Values ​​that convince!

Waterproof and dustproof
The PROTHELIS GRETA ultrasonic welded case is waterproof to a depth of 20 meters and is completely protected from water and dust.

Very comfortable and easy
Small in size of 64mm x 29mm x 24mm, only 32 grams of lightweight tracking device can be easily attached using a TPE cuff and does not disturb your dog.

It can be used all over the world
You can count on Greta GPS even abroad. Greta GPS works reliably in 153 countries. So you can find your dog almost anywhere in the world.

Virtual Fence
Identify any number of Prothelis Greta application areas that you can activate individually on a scheduled basis. We will alert if your pet leaves or enters geofence.

Speed ​​measurement
Learn how fast a dog can run. If the GPS GRETA tracker exceeds the individual speed set in the application, you will be warned.

Temperature measurement
You will be warned if the individually set temperature in the application is exceeded or lowered in PROTHELIS GRETA GPS.


Live tracking
After activating the PROTHELIS GRETA tracker, our Prothelis application will show you reliably about your current position. In practice, GRETA GPS achieves positioning accuracy of 3 meters or better under optimum conditions.

Unlimited traffic history
The Prothelis Greata application retains all the movement data of the localization device used. They can be shown later so you can understand, for example, the direction and length of the route.

Modern wireless charging
GRETA Tracker is easy to remove from the collar and can be easily loaded into the induction charging tray without tangling.

Smart energy management
Consumption of the GRETA tracker battery depends on the usage behavior. Battery life is up to 5 days in average active use and up to 24 days in standby mode. You can set different localization intervals from 10 seconds to 24 hours.



Inertial navigation system


With the inertial navigation system, you do not need to rotate the map further. After pressing the button, the Greta Tracker application will show you in which direction GPS Tracker Prothelis Greta is located

• Compatible with iOS 6.0 and higher
• Compatible with Android 4.1 and up
• Compatible with all modern web browsers

• Add an unlimited number of trackers
• Current position of the map and drawing of a past route
• Quickly found several trackers
• Tracker profile individually (name, photo, color, symbol ...)
• Adjustable speed is adjustable
• Profile item with information for each object
• Adjustable time to store position data
• Best possible address by position
• Distance between user and tracker
• Battery and charge indicator
• View tracker history messages
• Show last sync
• LED is activated

Geographical areas
• Defining and naming map areas
• Notification as soon as the tracker enters / exits the area
• Subsequent editing of areas
• Different settings for the day of the week and / or time
• Setting trackers to geo-zone and time interval


• Security access by username / password
• Extra pin lock
• Push event notification:
- Geo-zone alarm
- Tracker unavailable
- Temperature warning
- Low battery
- Other status messages
• Temporarily or permanently sharing tracker data with other people
• Multilingual (German), English, Turkish) very soon and Bulgarian
• Viewing the user's time zone
• Different display cards
• Show your own position
• Navigating to the tracker
• Export position history (kml, csv)
• Direct access to the most important features
• Demo mode if no tracker is set
• Direct feedback app



Positioning method
• GNSS (satellite navigation)
• GSM (mobile radio)


Protection class
• IP 67

GNSS receiver
• Accuracy: <2.5 m (CEP)
• Integrated antenna

GSM module
• GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
• Integrated antenna

SIM card
• Integrated SIM card (permanently integrated)
• Active worldwide

User interface
• Built-in LED
• Mobile app
• Web application for PC

• Intelligent power management
• LiPo battery 630 mAh
• Up to five days' running time when used on average, up to 24 days in standby mode

• Charging: 0 ... + 45 ° C
• Operation: -20 ... + 60 ° C


Activation of Prothelis Greata

step 1
Go to
Click the "Account" box.

 ГРЕТА Активизации - Регистрация

Step 2
Click here to sign up to create a new user account.

Please fill in all required fields. Your username must be at least 6 characters long. Password of at least 8 characters.

 ГРЕТА Активизации - Регистрация

Step 4
Under "My devices," click "Add a tracking device now."

 ГРЕТА Активизации - Регистрация

Step 5
Enter the serial number in the box above. They can be found at the bottom of the case. Select a package of services with the desired term and desired payment method. If available, enter coupon code in the space provided.

 ГРЕТА Активизации - Регистрация

Step 6
Click "Place an Order" and registration is complete.

 ГРЕТА Активизации - Регистрация

Step 7
Place the tracker in the connected charging station. The tracking device will turn blue and must not be removed from the cradle until the internal SIM card is activated.

Activation can take several minutes (sometimes up to 24 hours).

Once the tracker is activated, it stops flashing and is ready for use.

Greta can be activated and we, for you, just call us at +359 898549658



The warranty period is two years (2 years). The two years begin
with the date of purchase of the tracker by the first end user.
The warranty does not cover the battery. Additional provisions in the instruction booklet.

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