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Made of ABS long lasting UV protection material Adjusting the feed funnel heightSpray blade protection capsProgrammable weekly timerFood delivery time from 1 to 99 secondsFood delivery up to 6 times per dayIndication for battery chargingIndication voltage 6V or 12VIndicator for the number of throws per dayTest buttonExcavator and short circuit protectionHigh, medium and low rotation speed yaAvtomatichnata feed is an increasing need for feeding of the game, it is ideal for breeding sections, hunting companies and where necessary a constant feeding of the game. Its wide use makes it possible to feed both large game and small game and birds. The automatic feeder saves money and time, it works with a 6V or 12V battery. With the ability to work with a solar panel it is independent of electricity and guarantees a long and efficient working life. It is designed with the possibility of a movable solar panel, which allows it to be directed directly to the sunlight. Its higher power allows for faster and trouble-free charging of the battery even in cloudy weather. The automatic storage thus completed is autonomous. Another benefit of the feeder is that it has 6 adjustable daily feed intervals, as well as 17 weekly programs, which virtually allows food to be served on a particular day, different days of the week, one day, every day, or certain combinations of days. The throwing time is increased from 1 to 99 seconds, allowing the amount of food to be determined. The adjustable high-speed and powerful motor allows for a different speed of rotation, which affects the diameter of the food spread, which allows the animals to remain in the feeding area for a longer time. The large LCD screen makes it easy to keep track of the indications for the proper functioning of the cartridge. The battery charge indication allows you to continuously monitor and monitor the battery status. Indication when the solar panel is running and charging the battery. Engine speed indication The feeder is also provided with a fuse protection for overloads and short circuits. The installation of different storage bins allows for a different feed life. The feeder is equipped with all the necessary nuts, washers and bolts, as well as a feed funnel from the hopper to the ball. The kit also includes an adjustable hopper washer as well as a locking mechanism by the electronic control unit.

Battery and solar panel are not included
Price of the set with battery and solar panel 180 BGN (12V 7mAh battery and solar panel 12V 5W)

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