Garmin Alpha 100 Screen Protector Foil FX-Antireflex

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No glare!
FX-Antireflex Screen Protector Film is a transparent, high-tech screen protector for high resolution screens.

Garmin Alpha 100 Screen Reflective Protection!
It ensures that the display is not reflective and significantly improves its recognition when operating in sunlight or near direct light sources.
Dirt-repellent surface!
Reduces fingerprints and repels dirt and grease.
Antistatic film material!
Does not attract dust!
No slip - exceptional adhesive properties thanks to the special new type of silicone adhesive layer!
Optimal fit to the ends - guaranteed!
Extremely durable, durable and designed for long-term use!
The durable, multi-layer synthetic film materials provide long-lasting mechanical protection for screens against any damage.
This high-quality screen protector has a matte, anti-reflective layer that significantly reduces irritating reflections on the screen. The anti-reflective screen protector film adheres perfectly to the screen without affecting its operation. It is extremely scratch resistant, very easy to apply and can be removed at any time without leaving any residue.

3 packages are included in one package. Protective foil!

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